Louisville’s Forgotten Freight Subways

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Louisville's Freight Subways

[ Editor's Note: The previous photo has been removed as it was not actually of the freight subways in Louisville. This corrected photo was provided to us by R. David Schooling showing what actually existed in Louisville. ]

The Urbanophile unearthed some amazing details of Louisville’s early transit system and a freight subway running beneath the streets of downtown. Louisville’s transit system was at one time vast and efficient stretching all over the metropolitan region before post-WWII dismantling.

The freight subways are of particular interest to us as other cities have utilized these long-forgotten tunnels as conduits for light rail beneath the crowded streets of downtown. St. Louis’ MetroLink is a prime example. A new book detailing the history of Louisville’s electric trains may be coming up soon? We certainly hope so.


  1. This photo is of the Chicago Freight Subway system. I submitted it to Mr. Aaron Renn the proprietor of the Urbanophile site.

    I am the author of “Louisville’s Elevated Rail & Electric trains.” This photo is again NOT of Louisville’s (but rather the Chicago) freight subway. It was sent to show the similarities of the systems and also the contrasts as well.

    I also sent “Urbanophile” two photos os the Louisville system….see them on his site. or re-type in your search box the title of my book.

    R.David Schooling-local rail fan / historian and writer. Also, feel free to contact me with any questions regards, our subway, our elevated systems and electric trains. Phone 812-944-0666 or cell 502-544-5444.

    Out of respect to Mr. Renn and his site the “Urbanophile” I’m sure he mistook all three photos to be the Louisville system. (Again see the site, and you’ll see the other photos)

    Thank You….”Ride more Trains”
    R. David Schooling

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