DuPont Commons Offers Luxury Apartments In Old Louisville

DuPont Commons at Brook and Oak Streets

Luxury apartment living is getting a boost in Old Louisville. The old DuPont Manual High School on the corner of Brook and Oak Streets is currently under construction to transform it into DuPont Commons and the first units will be occupied this week.

The 28-unit project offers townhomes and flats ranging in prices from $525 to $725 per month with amenities such as hardwood floors, 13-foot-tall trey ceilings, stainless steel appliances, and spiral stairs. Energy efficiency has been designed into each apartment. There are four unique floor plans to choose from. On the outside, the former school house features intricate carvings and a grand arched main entrance.

Dustin Hensley of the Lee Hensley Company explains that, soon, new landscaping and outdoor lighting will be installed and eventually a dog park will be created in the park behind the building through a partnership with the developer and Metro Parks. Hensley, an Old Louisville resident himself, believes DuPont Commons will offer the nicest apartment living in Old Louisville.

Eight top-floor apartments will be ready to go September 1 and subsequent apartments will be placed on the market when they are ready. The entire project is expected to be complete in less than three months. Hensley hopes to attract young, creative tenants who can help with the continued revitalization of the Oak Street Corridor.

The Lee Hensley Company hopes to have an increased presence in Old Louisville in the coming years. They have already renovated and fully leased a once-dilapidated house on the corner of First Street and Kentucky Street and are working with another client to convert a stone mansion on Third Street into apartments than can be converted into condos when the market improves.

In the future, Hensley says he hopes to tackle the Oak Street retail corridor to provide a more lively center for Old Louisville. He is currently working on a proposal that will blend the historic charm of Old Louisville with more modern convenience and technology that will be announced next year.

Branden Klayko

Founder and Editor at Broken Sidewalk
Branden is a writer and architectural designer living in Brooklyn. After graduating from the College of Architecture at Washington University in St. Louis, Branden practiced architecture in Louisville where he worked on several large LEED Certified buildings. Branden is the senior web editor at The Architect’s Newspaper, where he covers architecture, design, and urbanism. He has also written about design for Designers & Books, sustainability for Inhabitat, and architecture for the American Institute of Architects. He founded Broken Sidewalk in 2007, an online collaborative promoting architecture and urbanism in Louisville, Kentucky and the Midwest.


  1. There are some nasty connections on that link…

    The website, when it’s not attacking, is well done, and the spaces look inviting… though those interiors don’t let anything of the history of the spaces come through, I don’t think.

  2. Do be careful on the link to the project site, it’s causing some strange security warnings. The interior photos, I believe, are just stock photos. The real spaces should reflect that they’re in a historic building more with hardwood floors, trey ceilings, etc.

  3. Unfortunately, the website is not the only problem with the Lee Hensley Company. I’m curious how happy the Kentucky St. residents are with their new place. I was very excited to be one of the first residents to move into one of the new DuPont apartments. To make a long story short, they were not able to have the apartment ready in time, but they kept our deposit anyway. I understand all the work that goes into renovating a building, but I (and my two roommates) were not happy with the Company’s lack of professionalism and integrity. We were forced to find another apartment immediately which was incredibly stressful.

  4. We were able to wait to get into these seemingly great apartments but now are in the middle of a huge battle with the Lee Hensley Company. I can assure you the web page is completely false! Beware of this company and do not be fooled into renting here, i promise you will regret it!

  5. I too was extremely happy and excited to be moving into Dupont Commons only to find that it was a scam! The apartment was not available to move in at the promised date and I am still battling with Lee Hensley Company in regard to my deposit. I would advised NOT to rent from this company. They are unprofessional and most likely not even a real company. Legal actions are currently in process.

  6. Interesting I found these comments. My girlfriend and I put our deposit down around the beginning of October after seeing the place in September. We were told that at the time our apartment would be ready in mid-November. When December rolled around we were then told it would more than likely be around February, this course of action made us decide to get our deposit back. We requested it over a month ago and are still waiting. Will update.

  7. dustin hensley is A crook.He has screwed a large amount of people working on this job right before christmas no less.He has a lot of people suing him and has no integrity.

  8. Dustin lee hensley. such a tough guy. rips people off with no remorse. if you think of renting here. dont! and if you are friends with dustin or even dating him. which you know who you are. you should feel ashamed if you belive dustin on the lies im sure he is telling you on whyhe is afrais to answer the door, let alone the phone. a tip. get a real man, and get a real friend. not a liar and a thief!Dustin lee the grinch that stole christmas!

  9. check out this story and you see all t you need to see

  10. We too were screwed out of A LOT of money by Dustin Hensley- who by the way stole an SUV at GUNPOINT according to the local news! If anyone is filing suit- please contact us…we are ready to take action against him!

  11. dustin hensley ripped me off for 3 grand on some work i did for him on 3rd street rd i hung three floors of dry wall and finishing and never got paid he is a criminal and should not be trusted.

  12. Dustin Hensley is a world class ripoff artist. He "renovated" an apartment on Third street we used to live in and dealing with him was a nightmare. He had the water turned off all the time, he would never answer his phone, and he was truly one of the most unpleasant, unprofessional, jackasses I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. Avoid this con artist at all cost.

  13. Oh, I have even more information, about Mr.Crook Hensley. He likes to use old tagged electrical panels removed from other buildings, reinstalled in his renovations, illegal and a fire hazard. What is the value of a human life to Hensley? His work is largely unpermitted and uninspected. He hides the actual condition from inspectors. He has no real building knowledge,and is trying to renovate unsafe buildings by making them even more unsafe with his ignorance. His apartments are fire traps, and need a real thorough inspection. Oh yes the idiot owes me $2400.not to mention the many others that remain, unpaid. I would like nothing more than to watch him dragged off to jail. Good Luck Hensley

    T.Provencher 850-527-5009

  14. Part of what everyone here is describing is a total jerk developer, which I think is the way most developers are. The second part here is how Metro Gov't let's all of this go on, over and over again, all in the name of "development".

  15. Mr. Hensley charged almost $10K in fraudulent charges to my credit card before I closed the account. He is indeed a crook. Avoid all interaction with him.

  16. Are there any new problems? Applications are being taken for the Social and Park (Old duPont Manual building). Is it safe to provide social security numbers and all of your personal information to this company?

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