Two Years On The Broken Sidewalk

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    (Broken Sidewalk)

    Broken Sidewalk turns two today. In those two years, we have seen 1,208 articles and 2,496 comments. You have sent in countless tips and many contributors have provided articles and photos that have helped keep the site going. Our audience has grown to between 11,000 to 15,000 readers every month and we have served up many hundreds of thousands of pages. Thanks for keeping the site going and lending some of your time to check in with what’s going on here.


    1. Nobody does it better. Broken Sidewalk has been a godsend these two years – enlightening, clarifying, uncovering, explaining, delineating… with scholarship and passion and precision. Thanks!

    2. Broken Sidewalk has been my home page for a while now. I still cannot figure out how you manage to find the time to keep the articles coming, but it is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    3. Congratulations & keep it going! I have no doubt that this is a labor of love and requires a huge investment of time and energy, probably overwhelming at times, but this blog truly makes a difference in my Louisville life.

    4. Love this blog! Such a great site. Keep it up! Thank you for all of your hard work – it’s been so great to follow this blog – I tell everyone I know about it.

    5. Thank you so much for creating and running this blog. Your excellent coverage of the various going ons throughout Louisville has allowed me to stay in touch with home even when going to college in Southwestern Virginia! Keep up the great work!

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