News Roundup: December 30, 2011

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    A (missing) sidewalk in Louisville. (Broken Sidewalk)
    A (missing) sidewalk in Louisville. (Broken Sidewalk)
    A (missing) sidewalk in Louisville. (Broken Sidewalk)
    A (missing) sidewalk in Louisville. (Broken Sidewalk)

    In a rare occurrence, readers were stumped by our last sidewalk photo, which was taken looking north on Seventh Street just north of its intersection with Oak Street in the Limerick neighborhood. Here’s a new sidewalk photo, or rather a photo of a missing sidewalk, ready to be identified in the comments.

    Local News

    • Fish & wildlife seeks donated Christmas trees to replace fish habitat. (WFPL)
    • Kentucky seeks recycling infrastructure projects. (WFPL)
    • UL President Ramsey activates East Market TIF funding. (WFPL)
    • Fun Louisville facts: The Happy Birthday Song. (Filson Society)
    • Shutdowns at Gallagher power plant to cut Louisville pollution. (C-J, N&T)
    • Ft. Knox’s Golden Touch: Spurred by military expansion, Ky. city tops in economic growth. (Daily)
    • Kentucky college-going rates increase to highest level recorded. (Lane Report)
    • In Madrid’s heart, a park blooms where a freeway once blighted. (NY Times)
    • Triumph of the bus: Inter-city bus service grows. (Slate)
    • Sherman Minton on list of top 10 transportation failures. (Atlantic Cities)
    • Traffic hits new low in October, 8th month of down trend. (Toll Road News)
    • It takes a village to become a bicycle commuter. (GG Washington)
    • Rethinking Transit: Repairing disconnects between downtowns & neighborhoods (ULI)
    Other News
    • Michael Sorkin: Sidewalks of New York. (Part 1 & Part 2)
    • Wisdom of crowds: The science of how pedestrians behave. (Economist)
    • Can gentrification work for everyone? (Salon)
    • Locavore lore: Coffee & garbage make a more sustainable fire. (LEO)
    • Map shows when solar will be cheaper than grid electricity by city. (Boing Boing)
    • Life spans in New York City exceed U.S. average. (WSJ)
    • Pop culture: Preservationist Ryan Gosling. (Tumblr)
    • Sao Paulo is flourishing without billboard advertising. (Good)
    • 11 principles for creating great community places. (PPS)
    • Booster shot: Major mixed-use project approved in Cincinnati. (Arch Paper)
    • Possibility City passed up on list of weird city slogans. (Atlantic Cities)
    • Imagining the United States without shopping malls. (This Big City)


    (Diane Deaton-Street)

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    (Diane Deaton-Street)

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    (Branden Klayko / Broken Sidewalk)

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    (Branden Klayko / Broken Sidewalk)

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    1. 16th Street north of Portland Avenue, just at the start of Northwestern Parkway (one of my favorite cycling streets in the city.)

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