Downtown’s Derelict Dinosaur Found Hiding Out in Park Hill

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Dinosaur found in Park Hill. (Branden Klayko)
Dinosaur found in Park Hill. (Branden Klayko)
Dinosaur found in Park Hill. (Branden Klayko)
Dinosaur found in Park Hill. (Branden Klayko)

Way back in the winter of 2008, we brought you breaking news about the disappearance of a large, blue dinosaur from downtown. The large sculpture was then perched in the shadow of the former LG&E electric tower at the foot of 8th Street, ostensibly guarding the Louisville Science Center from invading river creatures. Needless to say, three-and-a-half years later, we assumed the dino had gone extinct (or taken up a new gig at some new theme park).

It turns out the triceratops had just been hiding out behind the Great Northern Manufacturing warehouse in the Park Hill neighborhood near the corner of 14th and Breckinridge streets. In fact, it’s been there so long that it appears on Google maps! It remains uncertain whether the dinosaur will return to Downtown or remain at its new home.

Branden Klayko

Founder and Editor at Broken Sidewalk
Branden is a writer and architectural designer living in Brooklyn. After graduating from the College of Architecture at Washington University in St. Louis, Branden practiced architecture in Louisville where he worked on several large LEED Certified buildings. Branden is the senior web editor at The Architect’s Newspaper, where he covers architecture, design, and urbanism. He has also written about design for Designers & Books, sustainability for Inhabitat, and architecture for the American Institute of Architects. He founded Broken Sidewalk in 2007, an online collaborative promoting architecture and urbanism in Louisville, Kentucky and the Midwest.


  1. Interestingly, looking at the google map of the current location of the dino, it’s easy to tell that there was once a railroad spur in that location. The building’s shape is even influenced by it!

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