News Roundup: March 30, 2012

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    A sidewalk in Louisville. (Branden Klayko)
    A sidewalk in Louisville. (Branden Klayko)
    A sidewalk in Louisville. (Branden Klayko)
    A sidewalk in Louisville. (Branden Klayko)

    Congratulations to Porter Stevens, Brad, and Blair Whyte for correctly identifying our last sidewalk photo and its serious tree canopyas Boulevard Napoleon between Douglass Boulevard and Harvard Drive in the Belknap neighborhood. Here’s a new photo ready for identification in the comments. Have a great weekend!

    Local Events

    • Learn beekeeping basics with Fleur-de-Bee on April 22. (WHAS)
    • iMatter march on Saturday hopes to unite youth around climate change. (B4L)
    • UL photo exhibit shows disappearing America through June 29. (UL Today)
    • Public art and the city symposium set for April. (U of L)
    • Food Truckus Ruckus planned for April 21. (Slow Food)
    • Preservation Lou. holding historic tax credit workshop tomorrow. (P-L)
    • Sign up for the National Bike Challenge that starts on May 1. (Bike League)
    • Waterways Alliance plans Harrods Creek paddle event on Earth Day. (David Wicks)

    Local News

    • Lou. a possible site for 2017 American Legion convention. (C-J)
    • Slow Food USA will hold national congress in Lou. next month. (WFPL)
    • Fair board reviewing offers for luxury hotel at Expo Center. (C-J)
    • Jeffersonville group plans transitional housing downtown. (WFPL)
    • French Indo-Canada food truck planned by Holy Mole founder. (Kickstarter)
    • Hillbilly Tea is starting its own farm. (Consuming Lou)
    • Pie Kitchen commits to using local ingredients. (Consuming)
    • Brewery restaurant/bar reopens on Baxter Avenue. (C-J, Insider)
    • Taking stock of eagles living in Shippingport. (Lou Naturally)
    • The new old Louisville starts to hum. (Chi Tribune)
    • Lou. embraces newfound, lively cocktail scene. (Chi Tribune)
    • Visit Louisville, a celebrated culinary destination. (Tuscaloosa)
    • Infographic shows why Louisville is awesome. (Loueyville)
    • Kentucky is among the most religious states. (Page One)
    • National bike route comes through Clark County. (N&T)
    • Paths for Louisville Loop sought in Southwest county. (C-J)
    • Work starts on Jeffersonville ramp to Big Four ped/bike bridge. (C-J)
    • Taxi crashes through downtown convention center. (C-J, WAVE, WDRB)
    • Bridges financing plan assumes future Sherman Minton tolls. (C-J)
    • Yarmuth: Fed. approval coming soon for ORBP EIS. (Insider)
    • Op-Ed: Restructure bridge plan for Ohio River. (H-L)
    • Lou. to increase use of parking ‘boot.’  (C-J)
    • When a parking lot is so much more. (NY Times)
    • The younger generation loses interest in cars. (NY Times)
    • Why bicyclists are better customers than drivers for local business. (StreetsBlog)
    Other News
    • Wendell Berry talks capitalism, socialism, farming.  (B&P)
    • No vacancy: Unleashing the potential of empty urban land. (Grist)
    • Suburbs face twin perils of climate change & peak oil. (SciAm)
    • Why revealing buildings’ energy use creates jobs. (SSC)
    • New EPA rules limit carbon pollution for future power plants. (WFPL)
    • Is your city design-center or place-centered? (PPS)
    • Hollywood planning massive park atop a highway. (Arch Paper)
    • Cash mobs gather to splurge in locally-owned stores. (Reuters)
    • Where the green jobs are. (Atlantic Cities)
    • The science of quieter cities. (Atlantic Cities)


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    (Diane Deaton-Street)

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    (Branden Klayko / Broken Sidewalk)

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