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Broken Sidewalk covers Louisville, Kentucky.


Broken Sidewalk (BS) is dedicated to the urban realm of the River City, from its neighborhoods to its transportation trends, from real estate happenings to the latest political struggle.  The blog was founded in 2006 as a small site documenting the development of downtown Louisville.  Since then, brokensidewalk.com has grown to cover the goings on of the greater metropolitan region.  We are dedicated to reporting the latest real-estate deal, the most up-to-date project announcements, transportation trends, and all the neighborhood news related to living in our fine city.  We follow the ongoing construction progress of exciting development projects and slip in a little of the latest rumor about the future of the city.


BS is a community interested in the future of Louisville.  We are young professionals, small business owners, independent musicians, medical researchers, architects, students, teachers, and neighbors.  In short, we are Louisville and we are compelled to know what’s affecting our neighborhoods and our lives.


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BS is more than a news source; its a dialogue.  What makes brokensidewalk.com work is the input from our community of users.  This site has been designed to encourage as much interaction as possible.  Each post carries your comments and opinion polls track the pulse of the latest hot topics.  Our community also helps run the site.  Tips and questions help generate the most cutting-edge content and keep brokensidewalk.com at the forefront of Louisville’s development and neighborhood news.  (To send in a tip, simply e.mail tips@brokensidewalk.com.)


Reader Contributions


Broken Sidewalk relies on e.mailed tips, photos, and snapshots from its users to maintain the best coverage of Louisville and its neighborhoods.  Our network of users helps to uncover the stories that are not readily apparent or otherwise get away.  We value all contributions regardless of file size, perceived importance, or timeliness.  Tips and other content submissions can be sent to tips@brokensidewalk.com.  All user-submitted information and content is taken anonymously and user identity protected.  All submitted media (correspondence and photos) becomes the property of brokensidewalk.com and we reserve the right to use such content at our discretion unless you specifically tell us otherwise up front.  If you send us content for which you do not own the rights, please tell us so and who owns the media in your submission.  Broken Sidewalk decides which content actually appears on our site and we reserve the right to publish at our discretion.  We try to respond to all user submissions, but sometimes one may slip through the cracks.  Please send your contributions again if you feel you have been ignored unjustly.




Broken Sidewalk is a gossip site; as such we publish rumors, conjecture, opinions, as well as accurately reported factual information.  The site may contain errors or inaccuracies.  We do not guarantee any information transmitted through this site to be correct or reliable.  Also, links to content on, and quotation of material from, other sites are not the responsibility of brokensidewalk.com.  Broken Sidewalk will correct all factual inaccuracies brought to our attention.

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