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If you read Broken Sidewalk and other blogs often, you may find it useful to utilize an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed Reader.  A Feed Reader is an application that brings together all the data from the sites you love to read and puts it in one place.  The major benefit is that you can check one page to access all the updates of your favorite sites.  When you see something interesting, you can then click a link and go directly to that site.

Basically, an RSS feed is all the raw data that makes up Broken Sidewalk.  It includes everything in our articles, both text and photographs.  When we post a new article, it automatically appears in our RSS feed which is then translated into your RSS Reader.  It’s then organized in an application and sorted according to your preferences.

An RSS reader or aggregator is a program that pulls the content from many sites together into a single page.  You can use an actual application running on your computer or a web service.  We recommend Google Reader, a free online service.  It’s what we use and it works well for us.  There are plenty of other options out there, though, if you would prefer another.

How do you subscribe to Broken Sidewalk?

Once you have set up your RSS aggregator, simply input the address below into the application.  Each program is a little different, but should provide easy instructions on how to do this.  Here’s the address of our feed:

P.S.  If you subscribed to our feed a long time ago, you may consider updating the address as it has changed to allow anonymous statistical analysis of our readers.  It’s up to you.

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