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Dino Update: Louisville’s Triceratops Once a Traveling Celebrity

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 by Branden Klayko.

Sinclair Dinoland.

We noted in June that the dinosaur once located behind the Louisville Science Center was found three-and-a-half years later hiding out in Park Hill, but a keen eyed commenter noted that there’s more to the story. It turns out Louisville’s Triceratops is quite the celebrity, appearing in the Sinclair oil company Dinoland exhibition at the New York Worlds Fair in 1964 and 1965 (and on the cover of a book on the subject). That could be him up in that drawing above.

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Old Maps

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 by Branden Klayko.
Screenshot of

Screenshot of

For all the information junkies and history buffs out there with an affinity for the mapped landscape, there’s an online tool created by Eric O’Neal we just found called Historic Maps of Louisville that has collected old maps from 1855 through 1917 and overlaid them on the current Google map of Louisville. This allows you to choose your map and a transparency level and check out just how much has changed over the past 150 or so years. And there’s quite a bit of change to review (not all good, to be sure). Have a look for yourself at Don’t blame us for your spent afternoon.

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Photo Montages Based on Imagined Urban Experience

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 by Branden Klayko.
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(Courtesy Ashley Brossart)

(Courtesy Ashley Brossart)

Artist Ashley Brossart of Orange-Peeled has been using the city—from its maps to its social interactions—to inform her artwork. One recent ongoing project involves placing small art fragments around the city for observant passers-by to find and enjoy. Participants can scan QR-codes or go to a web site to see how their small found piece of art fits into the bigger picture. She has taken the project on the road as well, all the way to San Francisco.

Like the city, Brossart doesn’t just stand around. She shared with Broken Sidewalk one of her new projects involving photo montages of Louisville combining several disparate scenes into a new imagined reality. “This idea stems out of my interest in urban renewal as well as the reuse, and recycling of what our urban landscape currently provides,” Brossart said. “Ideas of the past–tearing down and clearing out to build large-sized ‘big box’ spaces is fading out and a return to intelligent design is becoming a necessity.”

Check out the series after the jump.

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Event: Hear about the South Fourth Street Retail Plan

Saturday, August 13, 2011 by Branden Klayko.
(Courtesy Downtown Development Corporation)

(Courtesy Downtown Development Corporation)

The Downtown Development Corporation is hosting a discussion of the South Fourth Street Retail Merchandising Plan on Monday, August 29  at 6:00 p.m. at the Seelbach Hotel (500 South Fourth Street). Rick Hill, author of the plan and president of Village Solutions, will detail what’s in the report. You may recall Village Solutions for their planning efforts along East Market Street, which featured equally flashy renderings as that up above.

Rumor Watch: Clifton Ice Cream War Brewing?

Thursday, August 11, 2011 by Branden Klayko.
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If you’re looking for our article on the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen moving to the Clifton neighborhood, please click here to read the updated story!

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Snapshot: Changes On Guthrie Street

Monday, October 4, 2010 by Branden Klayko.
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Changes on Guthrie Street (Courtesy Tipster)

Changes on Guthrie Street (Courtesy Tipster)

Thanks to a tipster for sending in these updates to a parking facility on Guthrie Street between Second & Third Streets.  We looked at this building earlier this year for its significance as an historic Studebaker dealership in the 1940s.

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Video: Beautiful Urban Abstractions

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 by Branden Klayko.
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Here’s something pretty to watch this evening.  It’s an award-winning video titled “Urban Abstract” by Jopsu Ramu and Timo Huhtala that was created for Finnish television station Nelonen.  Check out the video’s web site as well at  Via a Broken Sidewalk tipster.

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Don’t Forget: Bike To Work Day Is Friday, May 21!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 by Branden Klayko.
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Bike to Work Day 2009 mapped (Courtesy Metro Public Works)

Bike to Work Day 2009 mapped (Courtesy Metro Public Works)

Don’t forget to ride your bike to work this Friday, May 21 for Bike to Work Day.  The event is going to be taking place rain or shine and you can choose your own route or meet up with groups of cyclists at three locations: Iroquois Park, Seneca Park, and Shawnee Park.  The group rides will leave at 7:00 AM and there’s parking available if you need it.  Group riders must wear helmets.  You can get more info on these Meet & Ride routes at Bike Louisville.  You can also plan your own route using an online utility such as Ride the City Louisville.

Here are some highlights of what else is planned for Bike to Work Day 2010:

  • Don’t forget to register for Bike to Work Day 2010 over at the Bike Louisville web site.  According to the city, 600 people registered last year and 200 of those were first time riders, so there’s no need to worry that you won’t fit in.  Bike commuting by no means you need to break out the spandex, although I suppose you could if you wanted to.  This year, the city set a goal of 800 registered riders and 300 first time bike commuters.  Registration ends on May 20 at noon.
  • Pick up a free cup of coffee at any Heine Brothers Coffee or Java Brewing Company location if you commute by bike on Bike to Work Day!
  • New Louisville Bike Maps available at the Bike to Work Day celebration at 4th Street Live.  Bike Louisville and WFPK 91.9 will be gathering at noon on Bike to Work Day for a celebration of all things bicycle-related.  Meet fellow cyclists, learn more about bike commuting, and talk with bike-related vendors.  They will also be giving away a Trek 7000 bike complete with packs and rack to some lucky cyclist.
  • Check out that nifty map posted above and below showing the starting and ending points of registered cyclists from Bike to Work Day 2009.  It looks like there was a good deal of cycling going on across the city.  Hat tip to CART for finding the map.
  • A new Facebook group hoping to draft Mayor Abramson to ride his bike this Friday has formed, although the Mayor will be out of town for the big day.  The group page says the Mayor deserves thanks for helping to make Louisville more bike friendly.  Chris Poynter with Abramson’s office says another ride will be scheduled soon for those interested in cycling with the Mayor.  I’ll let you know when the new date is.
  • F*** Gas informs us that a new Street Sense commercial aimed at increasing cycling safety and awareness will be filmed on Bike to Work Day.  To participate in the video shoot, show up at the Gazebo on top of Dog Hill in Cherokee Park at 6:45 PM.  There’s a Facebook page for the event as well and a ride through the park planned after the shoot.  (I also posted another recent bike safety video from the city last week.)

Still think you can’t commute to work?  Metro Louisville has a handy guide to squash your “I can’t commute by bike” excuses.  Check it out here.

Bike to Work Day 2009 mapped (Courtesy Metro Public Works)

Bike to Work Day 2009 mapped (Courtesy Metro Public Works)

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