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Fountain Court Design Competition Inspired by Southern Exposition

Monday, August 13, 2012 by Branden Klayko.
Entrance to Fountain Court from Fourth Street. (Courtesy Fountain Court Design Competition)

Entrance to Fountain Court from Fourth Street. (Courtesy Fountain Court Design Competition)

Has it really been nearly three years since we’ve had a design competition in Louisville? While it’s smaller in scale than the Irish Hill call for ideas, the South Fourth Street Association in Old Louisville is sponsoring the Fountain Court Design Competition to create a historically-inspired entrance to one of Louisville’s famous walking streets. Here’s some information about the project:

This competition will be a two-stage process. The first phase will be submittal of a designer’s qualifications. Then, from this submittal, a short-list of designers will be considered. And, up to three will be selected to prepare a concept design for the Fountain Court entrance. These participants will be provided $500 each, with the winning designer receiving an additional $500 for the selected proposal.

An important component of this competition will be to incorporate ‘themes’ and elements from the historic Southern Exposition, which occurred in this district from 1883 to 1887.

An informational meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Monday, August 20th at the Conrad Caldwell House on the corner of St. James Court and Magnolia Avenue. Additional details can be found on the competition’s Facebook page.

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