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Cyclists Still Second-Class Citizens at the Kentucky State Fair

Thursday, August 16, 2012 by Branden Klayko.
Kentucky State Fair Guide to Fun. (Courtesy Kentucky State Fair)

Kentucky State Fair Guide to Fun. (Courtesy Kentucky State Fair)

The Kentucky State Fair (KSF) begins today, but good luck riding your bike there. Following the KSF’s fumble on bike parking that blew up last year, the fair board is on track to repeat many of the mistakes that have given the it a reputation as bike-unfriendly as far away as Dallas. Like last year, bikes will not be allowed inside the fairgrounds’ gates and the fair offers no incentives for cyclists to attend like other states do, causing jeers from local bike advocates. Which made us surprised to see the KSF proudly declare on its Facebook page:

Grab your helmets and bells, we are a bike friendly facility! In addition to bicycle racks at every gate, the Kentucky State Fair Bicycle Corral is located at Gate 4 in Lot H. The two new bicycle racks at Gate 6 off Preston are designed to meet the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals national standards.

We spoke with Bicycling for Louisville and Metro Louisville’s Bike Louisville to figure out why significant changes weren’t made since last year and what could be done to make things better next year.

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Backlash Ensues after Kentucky State Fair Bike Ban

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 by Branden Klayko.
Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center. (Map via Lojic)

Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center. (Map via Lojic)

An internal memo from the Kentucky State Fair surfaced a few days ago (when a cyclist was turned away from the fair) revealing the fair’s regressive transportation policy banning bikes from the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center. According to the note from Jerry Frantz, executive director at the Kentucky State Fair Board, cyclists are required to leave their bikes  at the periphery gates and walk through a vast sea of parking and cars before finally reaching the fair. The memo has rightly hit a nerve among Louisville’s cycling community and a Boycott the Kentucky State Fair page has been established on Facebook.

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