Ron Schooling

Ron is a native Louisvillian who has traveled extensively in Japan and Europe during his time in the United States Air Force. He has also spent time living in the United Kingdom. Ron has been interested in geography, history, and world issues and has most recently developed a passion for electric railroads in Louisville focusing on suburban / interurban trains (but not trolleys or streetcar systems). He plans his travels and vacation trips around extensive use of all forms of rail - light rail, subway, electric trains - in the NE corridor, D.C., Boston, Chicago, LA and beyond. Ron also has an affinity for sailing and is the prior owner several craft. He has had the opportunity to sail aboard numerous tall ships on various Great Lakes, north Atlantic Coast, and Chesapeake Bay. His current record to date is a trip aboard a 198 ft. long historic tall ship on Lake Eire.
  How does one actually start with a topic like this? Could this have ever been a reality? Well, the answer is a resounding YES! American history is very quickly forgotten, especially when all physical vestiges, remnant structures, scant photographic images and...