News Roundup: December 27, 2011

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    A sidewalk in Louisville. (Branden Klayko)
    A sidewalk in Louisville. (Branden Klayko)
    A sidewalk in Louisville. (Branden Klayko)
    A sidewalk in Louisville. (Branden Klayko)

    Congratulations to Bill, Joanne Weeter, Joel, and Clark for correctly identifying our last sidewalk photo as 11th Street looking south from Broadway just west of TARC’s headquarters at the old Union Station. Here’s a new sidewalk photo ready for guesses in the comments.

    Local News

    • Recycle your Christmas tree after the Holidays. (Metro Lou)
    • Following cleanup, Scott hopes for more action on vacant properties. (WFPL)
    • Young adults in Louisville, other metro areas. (MapGrapher)
    • Louisville’s shifting young adult population. (Map Grapher)
    • A Greener Edge: Massive parks system takes shape in Louisville. (Arch Paper)
    • De Leon & Primmer’s Riverview Park pavilion recognized. (Architect)
    • Jeffersonville will buy old school building for history museum. (N&T)
    • Work on Toonerville park dog run under way. (C-J)
    • The Louisville Clock now has an official fan page. (Facebook)
    • Michelle Jones launches kickstarter for Menu & Hours app. (Consuming Lou)
    • Rubbertown activist is LEO’s Louisvillian of the the year. (LEO)
    • Occupy Louisville pushes discussion on homelessness. (WFPL)
    • Speed Museum to close for 3 years during renovations. (Biz First)
    • Anti-toll advocate running for state senate. (WFPL)
    • 2011 Loserville Awards: Museum Plaza, Todd Blue, Super Region. (LEO)
    • Is River Ridge farming a polluted brownfield site? (Courant, WFPL)
    • This…Is Louisville launch party December 29. (Consuming Lou)
    • KyMBA’s Cherokee Park work recognized by Olmsted Conservancy. (KyMBA Lou)
    • Louisville restaurants & chefs gaining notoriety in national media. (Insider)
    • Study: more roads = more traffic. (Sightline)
    • How cycling became an integral part of life in New York City. (This Big City)
    • In the future, urban bikers go faster than cars. (Salon)
    • Biking and walking score big in TIGER III. (StreetsBlog)
    • In Portland, separation is the new standard. (Bike Portland)
    • On the symbolism of cargo bikes. (Lovely Bike)
    • Study: Millennials prefer car “access over ownership.” (City Fix)
    • Five secrets from the future of car sharing. (Sightline)
    • Study: Hybrid cars hold up 25% better in crashes. (USA Today)
    • Shryock family legendary in Kentucky architecture. (Kaintuckeean)
    • Boone Creek plan offers opportunities, challenges. (Tom Eblen)
    • Moving company: Study shows more people moving out of Kentucky. (Biz First)
    • The Hillville: A voice for urban Appalachia. (Atlantic Cities)
    • Bourbon’s all-American roar. (NY Times)
    Other News
    • Urbanizing the suburban street. (Atlantic Cities)
    • The case for congestion. (John Norquist)
    • Temporary tenants bring life to stalled construction sites. (NY Times)
    • Are small, rust belt cities the future of green? (Atlantic Cities)
    • The folly of corporate relocation incentives. (Atlantic Cities)
    • Why land use planning matters more than ever. (Atlantic Cities)
    • New census data reaffirms dominance of the South. (New Geo)
    • NAR published bad home sales data for years. (Real Deal)
    • Urban-development legends: Grand theories do little to revive cities. (City Journal)
    • Report: Cities lack resources to provide adequate food, shelter. (Governing)


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    (Diane Deaton-Street)

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