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Video: Biking To The Beach

Monday, October 4, 2010 by Branden Klayko.
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Now that summer is over, let’s say goodbye with a bike ride to the beach.  Here’s a nice video that seems to capture how fun riding a bike can be, of course set in Copenhagen.  Video by Jean Pichot, via Beautiful Decay.

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Copenhagen Shows How To Design For Cyclists

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 by Branden Klayko.
Cyclist Foot Rest In Copenhapen (Courtesy Copenagenize)

Cyclist Foot Rest In Copenhapen (Courtesy Copenagenize)

Leave it to Copenhagen to implement such a small luxury that can make a big difference in the lives of cyclists.  Bicycle culture blog Copenhagenize shows us why minor infrastructure improvements are so important:

“It’s a tiny detail. No bells and whistles, just a simple idea to make a tiny fraction of the day a little bit easier for a small percentage of the cycling citizens of the city.

“Which is precisely why it’s brilliant.

“Actually, if you cycle about in Copenhagen take a look at the light posts next to where cyclists wait for lights to change, you’ll see a tiny anthropological detail. I called it Bicycle Culture Buddhas.

“The metal is rubbed smooth on precisely one side of the post from all the cyclists’ hands that lean up against it. Just like the tummies of so many Buddhas.”

Could such a railing and foot ledge increase the occurrence of cyclists stopping at red lights?  I can think of several locations where such an innovation would be useful such as the intersection of Lexington Road and Grinstead Drive or any light that takes a while to change.  Copenhagenize admits this isn’t a solution for every intersection, but believes similar ideas could be implemented on a smaller scale across the city.

Perhaps if we make it comfortable, easy, and even fun for people to get out on their bikes, everyone could be a little safer.  What are your thoughts?

Read the full article over at Copenhagenize.

Cyclist Foot Rest In Copenhapen (Courtesy Copenagenize)

Cyclist Foot Rest In Copenhapen (Courtesy Copenagenize)

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