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Reflecting on the Lost Schnitzelburg Trolley Loop

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 by Branden Klayko.
The old Schnitzelburg trolley loop. (Courtesy G-town/S-burg Blog)

The old Schnitzelburg trolley loop. (Courtesy G-town/S-burg Blog)

Schnitzelburg was once defined by a trolley loop connecting it with Downtown and beyond. The one-way tracks followed the route described in the amazing graphic above from Shelby Street onto Burnett Avenue to Texas Avenue, rounding on to Goss Avenue before heading North again on Shelby. In her 2011-book Louisville’s Germantown & Schnitzelburg, Lisa Pisterman noted that while Germantown’s borders have moved over time, “the boundaries of Schnitzelburg have always been defined by the trolley loop that circled the community,” demonstrating how important the trolley once was for the community.

A couple historic views along the loop after the jump.

Snapshot: Shelby Street Trolley Tracks Exposed

Friday, March 13, 2009 by Broken Sidewalk.

Streetcar tracks on Shelby Street

Streetcar tracks on Shelby Street

While we were visiting the 810 East Broadway development yesterday, we noticed a stretch of metal streetcar track that had been exposed during construction.  Louisville once had an extensive streetcar system connecting all of the historic city and many of the tracks are still in place under many streets, although now unusable.  They surface from time to time with utility work or construction, like these tracks we found on Preston Street last year.  You can sometimes find hints of the tracks beneath asphalt: here, parallel cracks about 4″ wide are a clue at the top of the photo.

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