Ninth Street

Ninth Street

Columbus Day and the Columbia Building in SoBro

What special ties are there between Columbus Day and the SoBro neighborhood you are asking? Absolutely none. We did find the abandoned Columbia Manufacturing...

Snapshot: ZirMed Tower Gets Glassed

The ZirMed Tower under construction on the corner of Market Street and Ninth Street across from the Glassworks has begun to show its glass...

Snapshot: ZirMed Tower Keeps on Climbing

Here we go again... another look at Louisville's most exciting construction project actually under construction. ZirMed works on its 8th floor slab and pushes...

Snapshot: ZirMed Towers Get Curtain Wall Structures

The ZirMed Towers on the corner of 9th Street and Market Street are undergoing installation of their curtain wall system. Crews are beginning on...

Snapshot: ZirMed Tower Update

Here's your updated construction photo of the ZirMed Gateway Towers at the corner of Market Street and 9th Street.

Snapshot: Zirmed Tower Update

Here's your latest update to the ZirMed Gateway Towers construction.

Snapshot: ZirMed Tower Update

Here is your update from the liveliest project in town... the ZirMed Gateway Towers. The height is starting to make Market feel like an...

Snapshot: Zirmed Tower Rises

Here's your update of the progress over at the ZirMed Towers on Market Street and 9th Street. Enjoy.