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(Branden Klayko / Broken Sidewalk)

Congratulations to Jeff Noble, Michelle, and Jeff who correctly identified Tuesday’s sidewalk photo as Yale Drive near Dundee Road in the Belknap neighborhood just off the Douglass Loop. Here’s a new photo ready for guesses in the comments.

Local News

  • Manual students build on-campus garden to learn about sustainability (Fox 41)
  • Wendell Berry to speak at American Legion on November 11 (Lou Green Guide)
  • More political trouble in determining regulation of homeless shelters (Mojo)
  • Rubbertown company to plant trees on 75 acres of former landfill (C-J)
  • Las Vegas mayor follows Abramson’s lead to land Cordish development (Ville-Voice)
  • Gallopalooza horses to hit the auction block for charity on November 20 (Fox 41 / AP)
  • Even more love for the design of 21C Museum Hotel (Apt. Therapy via Twitter)
  • And the 21C owners plan another hotel for downtown Cincy (Fox 41, C-J, Mojo, B-F)
  • Day of the Dead displays installed throughout Louisville (WFPL, WFPL again)
  • Lowering Louisville’s Ford workers pay hurts the overall local economy (The Avenue)
  • Economists: KY economy lagging behind South due to education, manufacturing (C-J)
  • Repair work continues on Belle of Louisville after October crash (Fox 41)
  • A few more flickr photos of the day here and here and here and here.


  • On jaywalking & how banning it won’t make pedestrians safer (Slate)
  • Hidden bike racks go unused, or how location matters (She Rides a Bike via CART)
  • Researchers find bike lanes safer than cycling on the road or sidewalk (Bike Portland)
  • Study shows most common bike fatality from broadside accidents (TreeHugger)
  • Catching up on rail news and other innovative urban ideas (Urbanophile)
  • Build the Bridges Coalition invited to Louisville Forum but not 8664 (Biz First)
  • Most Cash for Clunkers trades were for pickups that get little better mileage (C-J)
  • St. Matthews residents wary of increased traffic from Liquor Barn store (C-J)
  • Despite safety concerns, plans cancelled to close Watterson onramp (WFPL, C-J)
  • New Albany’s Charlestown Rd. to get curbs, sidewalk, could go two-way (N & T)
  • And several more interesting transportation links over here (CART)


  • Trimble County coal ash facility draws criticism, worry (LEO, C-J, Fox 41)
  • And a satellite view of the Trimble County facility (Watchdog Earth)
  • And activists oppose permit to discharge coal waste into Ohio River (Fox 41)
  • Coal demand in the United States is cutting production by 9% (Fox 41)
  • Is carbon capture at coal plants improving fast enough? (WFPL)
  • Governor Beshear declares November ‘Coal Appreciation Month’ (Page One)
  • Panel discusses the impact and future of coal in Kentucky (Fox 41 / AP)
  • Controversy over naming a dorm ‘Coal Lodge’ continues at UK (WFPL, Fat Lip)

Everything Else

  • New ‘green’ technologies & materials aim to improve the brick (WSJ via Twitter)
  • ‘Eco-districts’ bring a systems-wide approach to urban design (Sust. Ind. via Twitter)
  • Video: how green jobs weatherizing houses can really help a community (GOOD)
  • Walmart looking to expand in urban areas across U.S. (Financial Times via Twitter)
  • What exactly does the term “bedroom” mean and what it isn’t (Lou Homes Blog)
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