Fall Sidewalk (Before it is too late)
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(Branden Klayko / Broken Sidewalk)
(Branden Klayko / Broken Sidewalk)

Good morning. Our last sidewalk photo was taken in New Albany on 6th Street towards Oak Avenue. Here’s a new photo with some vibrant fall color, albeit from last autumn. Lots of news in the last week, more after the click.

Local News

  • UL Trustees approve 1.1 Billion 20-year master plan of Belknap Campus (C-J, WFPL)
  • 10 Million gallons of raw sewage spill into Ohio River (C-J, WHAS 11Fat Lip, Fox 41)
  • Floyd County advocate hopes for unified historic preservation group (N & T)
  • More on the JBS Swift BOZA meeting that’s probably still going on now (C-J)
  • Abandoned South End trailer park causes problems for neighbors (Wave 3, Wave 3 again)
  • Burned Portland Ave. church to reopen in adjacent abandoned Kroger (Fox 41, Wave 3)
  • And our coverage of the fire aftermath and news of rebuilding (Broken Sidewalk)
  • Amid tough economic times, Brightside loses city funding, must use donations (C-J)
  • Historical markers go missing in Downtown Louisville (Lou H & I)
  • Best Manhattan at NYC WhiskyFest comes from Lou’s Theater Sq. Market (My Loueyville)


  • Wayside opens Broadway facility as economy hotel (WFPLThe EditFox 41C-JWave)
  • A move that sparked an outpouring of donations (Fox 41)
  • But must apply for a health code permit soon to stay open (C-JMojo)

Louisville Business

  • Louisville Beer Store officially open for business (Consuming LouV-V EatsOfficial Site)
  • Paducah company plans 15 new Dunkin Donuts in Louisville by 2016 (Biz FirstC-J)
  • New Heitzman Bakery on Dixie Highway in PHP welcomed by neighbors (C-J)
  • Another longtime business, Light Touch Spa, closing after 28 years (Wave 3)

Louisville Happenings

  • Unfinished Waterfront Park Place condos going to auction tomorrow (Fox 41)
  • New Albany group hoping for fire fighting museum to hold event Nov. 19 (N & T)
  • U of L Foundation to discuss zoning changes at ShelbyHurst research campus (C-J)
  • Green Convene meeting set for November 17 at Clifton Center (Lou Green Guide)
  • Plans for Riverview Park to be discussed in Southwest Louisville (C-J)
  • Check out the proposal for Riverview Park over here (Broken Sidewalk)
  • Gallopalooza horses on pre-auction display at Metro Hall (Biz First)


  • Clifton project clears sidewalks covered in inches of mud for easy walking (C-J)
  • New Albany motorist loses control, drives through a supporting wall of school (N & T)
  • Computer shows deadly test-drive reached speeds of 102MPH in a 45 zone (C-J)
  • A few thoughts on “pedestrian scramble” intersections from Sydney (Human Transit)
  • Excellent history of the recently torn Baxter Elevated Train Station (Lou Art-Deco)
  • Jeffersonville applies to build a new road through a protected wetland (N & T)
  • Interesting graphic showing Interstate Highway system as a subway map (GOOD)
  • India is considering making eco-roads with recycled plastic (NY Times via Twitter)
  • A couple vintage videos showing cities over run with bicycles (Copenahagenize)
  • The Japanese get serious about bike storage stations (TreeHugger)
  • Bike relations in New York from the 19th century (NY Times City Room)
  • Auto columnist sells car, moves to city, rides transit (WSJ)

Land Use, Planning & Real Estate

  • Dead Malls: On the rise and fall of an American shopping icon (Design Observer)
  • Land use and environmental protection go hand in hand (Yglesias)
  • ULI Report: smart growth a healthier investment than sprawl (Switchboard, City Fix)
  • Commercial real estate expected to hit bottom in 2010 (MarketWatch)
  • Economists: A better 2010 economy isn’t that good considering it was so bad (N & T)
  • A region is only as strong as its weakest neighborhood (citiwire)
  • What happens when you get 7 progressive city planners in the same room? (TreeHugger)
  • New trend from Sweden: YIMBY: Yes In My BackYard (CS Monitor via P-zen)
  • Strip mall vacancies expected to increase in 2010, could make gains in 2013 (WSJ)
  • Discussing relationship between healthy communities and healthy lives (The Dirt)


  • New green building ranking system looks to move beyond LEED (Inhabitat, Metropolis)
  • USGBC study says green construction is going to be great for the economy (The Dirt)
  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems explained for your home (Lou Homes Blog)
  • Doctor finds that living near a wind turbine farm can make you sick (Grist)
  • Underground storage tanks pose environmental risk (WFPL)
  • Lou air quality improves, Pittsburgh wants to know how (Watchdog Earth)

Everything Else

  • U.S. demand for oil expected to drop by 2030 (Economist)
  • 45 years ago this month, Petula Clark releases “Downtown” hit (Urban Review STL)
  • Implosion video of the Owensboro hotel that came down recently (LiveLeak via Tipster)
  • Tall building projects on hold across the world (Arch Record)
  • Strange yet captivating visions of a flooded New York City (Bldg Blog)
  • The Possibility City crew have a new video for you (Possibility City)
  • The Green Building Gallery now has a blog (Official Site)
  • And a few more flickr photos of the day here and here and here and here.
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  1. 4th Street looking south towards Breckinridge? I’m pretty sure that’s the blue and white Presentation sign.

  2. Right you are John. It is the N side of the 600 block of E Market St. The church is St John’s.