Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
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Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
(Diane Deaton-Street)

I’m going to congratulate all those who guessed the location of Monday’s sidewalk photo, David Barhorst, Michael, Jeff Noble, and Clark. With a little discussion, they were able to nail the location down as Montgomery Street between 30th and 31st Streets near Northwestern Parkway where the Riverwalk merges onto the Portland street grid. Everyone seems to know the spot based on the Riverwalk which means it must be getting some good use. Here’s a new sidewalk ready for identification.

Local News

  • C-J readers chime in on recent events surrounding Wayside (C-J)
  • Louisville lands a new corporate headquarters, 57 new jobs (C-J, Biz First, Wave 3)
  • Ford considers Lou. for possible 1000 job battery production plant (C-J)
  • Handicap accessibility was discussed this week on State of Affairs (WFPL)
  • Floyd County to get its own magazine in 2010, the Current (Biz First)
  • Local realtors say Lou. housing market making a recovery (WFPL, Lou Homes)
  • Local contractors believe green construction will be on the rise (Biz First)
  • Local homelessness on the rise and shelters overwhelmed (C-J)
  • Discussion of two restaurants in Jeffersonville (Lou HotBytes)
  • Retirement development on Brownsboro makes nabes ‘furious’ (Fox 41)
  • And two restaurants in Lou. feature food of Caribbean and Barcelona (LHB)
  • New Albany bicentennial sculpture series melds past and future (NAC)
  • Jeffersonville set to regulate advertising benches, signs (N & T)
  • Jeffersontown asking for help with its rebranding project (C-J)


  • Walkability of Portland, Chickasaw, & Smoketown to be discussed today (WFPL, The Edit)
  • A report from Tuesday’s Car Free Happy Hour (Pedalaround)
  • Amazing subway stations from around the world (Design Boom)
  • LED pavement lights hope to reduce car-bike collisions (Copenhagenize)
  • Driving simulator helps demonstrate perils of distracted driving (Fox 41)
  • Toyota Prius named ‘2009 City Car of the Year’ (TreeHugger)

Everything Else

  • EPA declares greenhouse gases harmful to humans (MSNBC, Grist, Watchdog Earth)
  • Still time to take part in Ben Sollee’s 100 bikes in 10 days campaign (FOL)
  • Kentucky makes more from chickens than from horses (The Edit)
  • The hidden costs of cul-de-sacs: expensive snow removal (Sprawled Out via O-W)
  • Prosperity & industrial diversification of cities (NY Times)
  • A ‘green’ LEED building can still waste a lot of energy (Atlantic)
  • Walkable development must come into play to fight GHG emissions (StreetsBlog)
  • Sediment from construction sites is pollution, not just dirt (Watchdog Earth)
  • Study: buildings with localized temp controls save energy (TreeHugger)
  • ‘Seed Grenades’ add plants to plantless landscapes (Bldg Blog)
  • And a few flickr photos of the day here and here and here.
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  1. I agree. Williams Street and Frankfort Avenue. It's what I call "Kitsch Korner". I wish I knew the story of the fellow that owns that place. And does he have permission to place that light fixture on the sidewalk?

  2. William Street at Frankfort Ave. I’ve been lusting after that Studebaker for years. And what is it with that guy…???

  3. I love the guy and will forgive him anything. This is the kind of place and person that gives a city soul. I guess it’s part of the mystique, but I don’t think he’ll give interviews (see Weird Kentucky) and I don’t he lets people inside. Back when I was a kid, “Story Avenue” meant this crazy guy with a ton of cool junk. I think… think… the base of this guy’s collection is that old guy’s stuff. I love it. We always take out-of-town guests there. A city is only as good as its coots.

  4. New York has nothing on this guy. He has two Statues of Liberty. I think the one he added a few years ago used to be in Post Office Alley, just off 3rd Street at Liberty.

  5. Always wondered about this place. Thx for the info. It kinda reminds me of someone we called “the junk man” who resided in Brownsboro Ky, circa 1975, whose yard was filled with statutes and whirly-gigs he had made from scrap. We took him as some strange old man and only until later in life did I realize his was a folk artist.