Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
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Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
(Diane Deaton-Street)

A pedestrian was killed crossing the street on Baxter Avenue Friday night by a hit-and-run motorist driving a white minivan reported to be a Pontiac. Witnesses say the van didn’t even slow down driving through the intersection after the accident. Police are asking for your help in solving the horrible crime. Contact the police anonymously at 574-LMPD. Be careful walking, cycling, and driving this week, as always. (C-J, Fox 41, Mojo, Lou H & I)

Despite several good guesses, last Wednesday’s sidewalk photo eluded our readers. The street in question was Waverly Place off Frankfort Avenue in the Clifton neighborhood, a beautiful row of Victorian houses where the mature canopy turns bright yellow in the fall. Here’s a new photo ready for guesses in the comments.

Don’t forget: The Broken Sidewalk search for the Best New Landmark of 2009 is still going on through December 2! Check over here for details about how to enter and possibly win a prize. We’ve already received a large amount of entries, but your opinion still matters, so vote and tell your family over the Thanksgiving weekend to nominate their choice as well.

Broken Sidewalk won’t be shutting down this week and there will be new stories online ready to read after stuffing yourself full of turkey. They’ll also be waiting for you after the break. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Local News

  • Wayside’s Broadway hotel must pass one more inspection to stay open (WFPL)
  • Heritage Center could open with first exhibit as early as February (Fox 41)
  • New Downtown businesses hope to lure in crowds from the arena (Wave 3)
  • Improvements to Lincoln Elementary get a stimulus ‘jump start’ (C-J)
  • Councilwoman proposes southern Louisville VA outpatient site (C-J)
  • Fair board seeks $46M to tear down stadium, build amphitheater (C-J)
  • Sol Aztecas on Fourth Street is now open for business (WFPL, C-J)
  • Develop NA’s Mike Kopp reflects on New Albany’s dining renaissance (C-J)
  • New Albany gets $6.7M for nabe troubled by foreclosure (N & T, Fox 41, C-J)
  • New Albany to get 260 jobs making small-scale wind turbines (C-J, N & T, Fox 41)
  • Considering abandoned and threatened properties in Old Louisville (H & I)
  • Moving a large industrial plant like Swift can be difficult (Rebuilding Place)
  • Gallopalooza horses bring in the big bucks for Brightside (C-J)


  • 2-mile levy-top trail in Clarksville almost done (N & T)
  • Confronting the bike ‘fear factor’ with rules of the road (Pedalaround)
  • Ride a bike to work and still look good doing it (Pedalaround)
  • Sometimes riding a bike can be faster than driving (Bikeolounger)
  • Downtown Minneapolis plans transit malls for better efficiency (Human Transit)
  • Placing transit hubs on freeways makes TOD more difficult (hugeasscity)
  • Gov. Beshear declares this week Distracted Driving Awareness Week (C-J)
  • This ‘safer’ interchange still looks like it’s all about cars (NPR)
  • Reminiscing on the flopped Ford Edsel made in Louisville (C-J)
  • And the Lou made Explorer about to be phased out as well (C-J)
  • Do beautiful roads make make for safer, slower speeds? (How We Drive)

Everything Else

  • Local stores provide 4 times the economic impact of national chains (CoolTown)
  • Changing the world through architecture contributes to social reform (D-O)
  • Witold Rybczynski discusses the ‘four paradigms of cities’ (TreeHugger)
  • Renewable energy costs drop in 2009, financing hard hit (TreeHugger)
  • Interesting photos of 1960s suburban life fill a new book (Polis)
  • Clever ‘coffee cup stuck to car’ prank gets strange reactions (Boing Boing)
  • Funny take on Possibility City shows a little cynicism (Ville-Voice)
  • Great time-lapse video of Indep. Festival on Great Lawn (Vimeo via Twitter)
  • Check out the Louisville Beer Store’s beer bottle chandelier (photo via Twitter)
  • Flickr photos of the day here and here and here.
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  1. They-re right – Grinstead Drive at Ray Avenue. The limestone-block wall is Cave Hill Cemetery.