Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
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Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
(Diane Deaton-Street)

Here we are at another news roundup and another successfully identified sidewalk photo. David Barhorst correctly identified our last sidewalk photo as Highland Avenue looking toward Barret Avenue. Here’s a new photo ready for guesses in the comments.

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Local News

  • Metro Parks wants your opinion on park improvements (Common Ground)
  • More on plans to bring a wine shop, restaurant to East Market Street (C-J)
  • Walk outs at Homeless Shelter Task Force about inclusiveness (Wave 3, WFPL)
  • Park DuValle could have new management co. under new deal (C-J, WFPL)
  • Brownsboro Road Midlands project could get going again (C-J)
  • Belknap Crossings brownfield site on Fourth Street to be cleaned up (C-J)
  • Red Hot Roasters to open coffee shop at Spalding University (Consuming Lou, Mojo)
  • Mrs. Potters Coffee on Main Street expanding operation (
  • Enviro group loses suit over Floyds Fork water quality plan (C-J)
  • KY Green Bank issues first loan to School for Blind (WFPL, Biz First)
  • U of L joins national rating system to monitor sustainability (U of L)
  • Home Grown takes a look at The Green Building’s green wall (WFPL)
  • J-town selects new logo, name for industrial park (C-J, WFPL, V-V, Biz First)
  • Potstickers restaurant closes after three months (Mojo)
  • Local commercial real estate activity looking up in 2010 (Commercial Lou)
  • As requested: Added modern photo to the Bardstown Rd. montage (Broken Sidewalk)


  • Last chance to see Irish Hill’s Mediative Urbanisms display Feb. 5 (IHNA)
  • Community Leadership Forum series begins on Jan. 25 (NDHC)
  • Preservation Lou to hold tax credit workshop tomorrow (Saturday) (Biz First)
  • Meeting planned to garner ideas for Bardstown Road Showcase Cinemas (MojoH & I)
  • Metro Parks to hold public meeting about Tyler Park master plan (Metro Lou)


  • Oprah takes crusade against distracted driving mainstream (Fast Lane, T4America)
  • Average American transit rider saves $9,240 a year (TreeHugger)
  • National bike event coming to Louisville this year (F Gas)
  • Even bike cops are subject to harassment (Commute Orlando via Twitter)
  • Video shows how common Idaho Stop is for cars as well as bikes (Chi Bike)
  • Nobel laureate says idea of car ownership as progress is ‘silly’ (TreeHugger)
  • Unusual ‘diverging diamond’ interchange coming to So. Indiana (C-J)
  • Most people don’t know much about the national gas tax (Infrastructurist)

Everything Else

  • Hidden costs of sprawl lead to ugly architecture (Original Green via P-zen)
  • Interesting photos of suburban geometry from the air (Metropolis Mag)
  • Study: sitting bad for your health, could be deadly (
  • Video: Ten things you’ll never hear an architect say (Architechnophilia)
  • Native landscaping can save quite a bit of money (Switchboard)
  • California adopts first statewide green building code (Inhabitat)
  • London grocery markets itself as packaging-free (GOOD)
  • And a few flickr photos of the day here and here and here and here.
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  1. The Friday picture is of the old portland post office in the 2500 block of Market streets.

  2. People “have to understand that it wasn’t going to sit and be a cornfield forever,” Blue said. What Blue doesn’t seem to get, outside of his love of self and money, is that developers like him are what are truly wrong with local and national development. They don’t see that we don’t need or want another ghost town strip mall with a tanning salon, Gamestop and short lived jewelry boutique in this area. We need green space and preserved areas to make the quality of life for all better…we don’t all live in Blue’s wallet.

  3. Cecil and Red was a used appliance store for many years that closed up in the last couple of years. I often bought used appliances there, and there was a 30 day guarantee that they stood behind. So this in on the north side of West Market just beyond 26th and W Market looking toward downtown.

  4. On the matter of the Bardstown Rd. Showcase Theater:

    Why not turn it into a better place for Wayside? Not right downtown, but close to a Walmart, Bus lines, Kroger, Food, Target, etc….

    It could either be revamped or torn down and put a different building in the place. Then Wayside has a large property for their mission, they'd even have enough land to plant a small "community garden" with raised beds or something for the homeless people. Plus Then the downtown area would not have the problems that it is with them being 3 blocks from the new stadium.

    This could be a total Win Win situation….

    Just a thought

  5. John,
    I wouldn’t have put it quite like that but I definitely agree with the sentiment. The space is better kept empty than turned into what you described (which it undoubtedly will be).