Sidewalk photo
Sidewalk photo
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Sidewalk photo. (Branden Klayko / Broken Sidewalk)
Sidewalk photo. (Branden Klayko / Broken Sidewalk)

Congratulations to Joe Tilton, Jeff H., and Jason Schaefer for correctly identifying our last sidewalk view as Jaeger Avenue looking west toward Newburg Road. For the next sidewalk photo, we’re going to take a slightly different vantage point. Guesses in the comments.

Local News

  • Germantown is going green with new trees on Goss Avenue (G-town S-burg)
  • More troubles for the abandoned Star of Jeffersonville barge (C-J, Fox 41)
  • Louisville looks to capitalize on Nashville’s flooding with new conventions (The Edit)
  • Kentucky Kingdom could reopen in 2011 (Fox 41)
  • New Albanians understood the meaning of ‘local’ in 1945 (NA Confidential)
  • Sounds like Detroit is a little jealous of the Kentucky Derby (Free Press)
  • 21c among Conde Nast’s top 5 hotels for design in 2010 (Apt. Therapy)


  • Consuming Louisville now has an event calendar (C-L)
  • Ride of Silence to honor killed and injured cyclists on May 19 (Facebook)
  • Norton Commons to host home tour on May 16 (C-J)
  • Louisville Forum on May 12 will tackle Downtown development (Biz First)


  • Lord Jesus Christ run over in a Massachusetts crosswalk (Hard Drive)
  • Which would you choose? Run on money or run on fat? (Bike Friendly)
  • Gallery of 18 strange bridges from around the world (Pop Mechanics)
  • Interesting video featuring transit, etc. in Melbourne, Australia (Digital Urban)
  • Trucker in 11-death I-65 accident reported speeding, talking on cell phone (C-J)
  • Should motorists be required to wear helmets? (Copenhagenize)
  • In the age of electric cars, who pays for highways? (Grist)
  • How should we prioritize highway spending? (National Journal)
  • Tafel Mini Cooper dealership opens in St. Matthews (Biz First, C-J, Fox 41)
  • Coal barge runs into Clark Memorial / Second Street Bridge (C-J)
  • This is how you put a bike lane on a cobblestone street (Bike Portland)
  • Or keep the cobbles and just make them smooth (Bike Portland)
  • Reflections on sidewalk justice and the notion of the Just metropolis (Polis)
  • LA considering ending publicly funded sidewalk repair (LA Times)
  • Root barriers can help protect sidewalks from buckling (EV Studio via P-zen)

Everything Else

  • Ed Glaeser takes issue with Jane Jacobs’ notion of density (NY Times)
  • Thoughts on the Great Reset by Richard Florida (Urbanophile)
  • Planes with lasers will help determine solar viability in New York (NY Times)
  • Easy steps to create a better neighborhood (Sharable)
  • Another cool tilt-shift video from Switzerland (Swiss Miss)
  • An inspiring architectural renaissance in Colombia (LA Times)
  • And a few flickr photos of the day here and here.
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  1. I believe Ken is correct. It appears to be taken from PARC’s Eighth & Main Garage looking down onto 8th Street near Pike Street.

  2. I agree, Brent. It doesn’t sound all that flattering on the surface, but I have no doubt Nashville would do the same thing if the roles were reversed.

    Also, why doesn’t Nashville have flood walls?

  3. Was walking down broadway a few minutes ago and noticed a building going up a little past the corner on the east side of 9th. Anyone know what it is?