Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
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Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
(Diane Deaton-Street)

Congrats to Trent Burdick for correctly identifying our last sidewalk photo as South Third Street from Hill Street in Old Louisville. The vintage view is from around the turn of the century and as luck would have it, the view is quite similar today (except for the oak trees that now tower over the street). Here’s a new sidewalk view ready for identification in the comments.

Local News

  • Mellwood Arts Center cited for illegal dumping by MSD (Wave 3)
  • Another new restaurant is opening up in downtown New Albany (NAC)
  • Outsiders pleasantly surprised Louisville food isn’t what they thought (
  • Housing project in New Albany to get $1 million in funding (C-J)
  • Homeless shelter task force rules could allow Wayside to stay put (WFPL)
  • Local activist setting up makeshift recycling stations throughout city (The Edit, flickr)
  • The Church aka 801 East Main in the blogosphere again (Historic B-town)
  • A look at the neighborhoods surrounding Churchill Downs (C-J)
  • Look at all that trash left over from the KY Derby marathon (flickr via twitter)
  • An update on the art project installation at the Bank St. Brewhouse (NAC)
  • A roundup of WFPL’s series of what different parts of town want (The Edit)
  • Report suggests tourism-expansion ideas for Louisville (C-J)


  • Student art-bikes unveiled Downtown (C-J, Pedalaround)
  • Take the TARC to the Oaks and Derby (KIPDA)
  • Can bus stop consolidation speed up service in Louisville? (StreetFilms)
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  • How bike lanes in New York affect the local economy (CEOs 4 Cities)
  • 22 U.S. cities looking to build streetcar lines (Inhabitat)
  • Kentucky consumes a lot of gasoline per capita (Infrastructurist, NRDC)
  • Be sure to check out the new PBS documentary: Beyond the Motor City (CART)
  • Livability to be a requirement in Fed transportation policy (PPS)
  • Why you can’t park at a broken parking meter (Consuming Lou)
  • Ratings system targets environmental impact of roads (Enviro Leader)

Everything Else

  • In praise of staying put: giving up the nomadic life (GOOD)
  • Thoughts on a federal policy for American cities (Urbanophile)
  • Why smart growth is good growth: learning from past mistakes (WaPo)
  • Suburban housing market declines a result of demographic shifts (Ground Floor)
  • Mayors talk about abolishing states over funding battles (Naked City via P-zen)
  • Cities as ‘dense meshes of active communicating public objects’ (Boing Boing)
  • What an interesting street light (Dezeen)
  • And a few flickr photos of the day here and here and here.
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  1. That is W. Oak Street, looking west, just west of S. 12th Street. The steeple on the left is St. Williams. The overpass is that of the Paducah and Louisville Railroad.

  2. re: marathon trash

    Just to set the record straight, I saw street sweepers following the marathon route cleaning up the trash later in the afternoon.

  3. re: Livability to be a requirement in Fed transportation policy

    Will this in any way effect the ORBP?

  4. Jeff Noble is correct. That picture is W. Oak, taken at or near 12th street, looking west toward 13th with the RR overpass in the background beyond 13th.