Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
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Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
(Diane Deaton-Street)

Congratulations to Bill Robinson and Clark for correctly identifying our last sidewalk photo as North 15th Street between Rowan and Lytle streets in the Shippingport neighborhood, several others were really close as well. Here’s a new sidewalk photo ready for guesses in the comments.

We’re starting a new feature this week: a Broken Sidewalk events calendar. You can see upcoming events in the sidebar (we’re currently adding a bunch of events). Our calendar will highlight events relating to topics we cover here, such as urbanism, architecture, sustainability, or transportation. If you know of any events that might fit that bill, feel free to send info to

Don’t forget that we brought back our very own discussion forums as well. There are a few topics that are starting to take off and you can add your voice to the discussion. Broken Sidewalk Forums are easily accessed through the buttons at the top of the page or by going to See you there!

Local News

  • Kentucky Kingdom could reopen next spring (Fox 41)
  • UL’s Duthie Center for Engineering awarded LEED Gold (U of L)
  • Shively residents protest expansion of LG&E coal ash pond (Whas11)
  • More water contaminated by coal ash than previously thought (The Edit)
  • Louisville Free Public Library wants you to get into local music (37 Flood)
  • Fans impressed by upgrades to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium (Fox 41)
  • Proposal to rename 34th Street may be revised (WFPL)
  • The new BBC on Main Street is finally open (Insider Lou)
  • Cake Flour to be featured on Food Network (C-J)


  • Record crowds turn out for the Hike & Bike (C-J, Pedalaround)
  • Parking lots outnumber cars in some states (Discovery)
  • Why are fewer and fewer young people driving? (Grist)
  • Boulder asks drivers to take one day off from driving a week (Bike Portland)
  • Japan announces world’s first solar-powered public bus (Inhabitat)
  • Portland streetcar success has fueled interest elsewhere (USA Today)
  • Public transit projects create more jobs than highways (Common Dreams, Huff Po)
  • Proposed crosswalk redesign helps pedestrians cut corners (Good)
  • What’s the most dangerous thing about being a cop? Traffic (How We Drive)
  • Video: driver hits a parked car & a failed escape aka bollards are great (Boing Boing)
  • Eight types of cyclists to be found on NYC’s East Village streets (EV Grieve)
  • Kirk Kandle is back from a cross country bike ride (Pedalaround)
  • This driver-cyclist interaction ends with the driver buying a bike (Salon)
  • Photography: Beautiful & bizarre roads of the world (E Minor)
  • NYC’s Broadway is busy, with pedestrians, if not car traffic (NY Times)
  • And the Times article draws reaction about bikes as traffic (Reuters)
  • Kentucky’s public bus system leaves many behind (LEO)

Everything Else

  • Copenhagen makes green roofs mandatory (Good)
  • iPhone app tells how much water is wasted from dripping faucets (Inhabitat)
  • Owensboro uses new urbanism, smart economics for rejuvenation (Citiwire)
  • Climate benefits of smart growth may be far greater than we thought (NRDC)
  • New Chicago park uses concrete that absorbs smog (Architect’s Newspaper)
  • Shiller: It’s Time For More ‘Inspirational’ Housing Policy Ideas (WSJ)
  • James Howard Kunstler wrote a book about a bleak post-oil future (Boing Boing)
  • New Urbanist Andres Duany on smart growth (Builder)
  • Gross public art: Seattle’s gum wall (E Minor)
  • And a few flickr photos of the day here and here and here.
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  1. I’m not sure if this is the right place to leave this, but the picture is of Floral Terrace in Old Louisville.

  2. I don’t know what street that is, but I know that I would definitely like to live there someday.

  3. The pic is Floral Terrace between 6th & 7th Streets in Old Louisville. Looking East.

  4. Your welcome, Glenna. It’s a really nice view of the Reservoir – I like how there’s so much sky (instead of emphasizing the water) – not to mention the vintage look.

    Please feel free to add your Louisville photos to the Broken Sidewalk Photo Pool on flickr and they will be considered for our new feature highlighting great Louisville photography on flickr (That way, we’ll show the whole photo, not just a link!). Thanks for carrying a camera with you.

  5. Photo is on Floral Terrace in Old Louisville. It is taken in front of 624 Floral Terrace, looking east. Yes, David has correctly identified Ranger, a member of our local cat clan who appears to be headed to my front porch for breakfast.