Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
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Photo by Diane Deaton-Street
(Diane Deaton-Street)

Our last sidewalk photo proved quite a challenge as no one got the location at 32nd Street looking toward Virginia Avenue. Here’s a new sidewalk photo ready for guesses in the comments.

Local News

  • Could road side art help calm traffic in Butchertown? (Historic B-town)
  • New flower shop coming soon to the Douglass Loop (Consuming Lou)
  • Take a look inside the new Downtown Qdoba (Consuming Lou)
  • The problem of affordable housing in Louisville (LEO)
  • Analyzing why the Chick Inn went out of business (Mojo, C-J, Fox 41)
  • Loan will help Habitat & Youthbuild expand headquarters (C-J)
  • What will become of Louisville’s most polluted nabe: Rubbertown? (Fat Lip)
  • Spray ground planned at Breslin Park, swimming pool to be filled in (C-J)
  • The tale of the Phoenix Hill shotgun house that didn’t get torn down (C-J)
  • The West End School gets grant for expansion (Fox 41)
  • Havana Rumba opening another location in Middletown (C-J)
  • And other local restaurant news and rumors (Mojo)
  • Norton Commons could get a new public school (C-J)
  • Changes could be in store for Louisville condo law (C-J)
  • More on Tafel Motors’ plans for Shelbyville Road (C-J, V-T)


  • Fundraiser to help West Louisville churches go green on April 6 (Green Guide)
  • Meeting to plan Petersburg Park scheduled for Monday, March 15 (Metro Parks)
  • Neighborhood planning group plans meeting on ORBP on March 27 (C-J)


  • Louisville is on Google’s new bike route planning service (F Gas)
  • Planned dedicated bus lanes in New York look pretty cool (StreetsBlog)
  • Can Louisville get in on this streetcar manufacturing game? (CNN Money)
  • Watterson exit at Westport Road won’t open until after Derby (
  • A map of the human body if it were a subway system (Info Aesthetics)
  • This device powers a bike light from the movement of the wheels (Inhabitat)
  • Ten transportation blogs worth looking at (The Source via CART)
  • A bus stop you could call Home, Sweet Home (Apt. Therapy)
  • A horrific picture of trampled bikes (OMFG, Bikes)
  • Let’s build one of these between the Ali Center and the Belvedere (Space Invading)
  • Imagine a traffic jam of books – not cars – on your street (Mocoloco)
  • The state of the union for cycling and walking (Urban Velo)
  • Lexington plans a Tweed Ride before Louisville has one (F Gas)

Everything Else

  • Keep the next Yucca Mountain out of Kentucky (LEO)
  • Considering branding strategies for cities (Urbanophile)
  • Must see Rube Goldberg music video by OK Go (Boing Boing)
  • Guerilla artist turns potholes into mini-gardens (Inhabitat)
  • How to build a backyard chicken coop (Boing Boing)
  • Urbanophile considers the downsides of consolidated government (Urb1, Urb2)
  • The greenest building is the one that already exists (TreeHugger via tipster)
  • American Enterprise Inst. talks about risks of ignoring beauty (AEI via Twitter)
  • Cities need to promote & create ‘urban innovation hot spots’ (Biz Week)
  • San Francisco’s Pavement to Parks initiative peels back the street (Inhabitat)
  • More on the continuing General Growth saga (Biz First, WSJ1, WSJ2, WSJ3)
  • And a few flickr photos of the day here and here and here.
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  1. Edison’s House is five or six blocks west of here. Finally one I know and Jaarad beats me to it.

  2. Jaarad beat me to it. It’s E. Washington in the block where St. Joseph’s is looking toward Spring. That’s a real cute neighborhood.

  3. That’s down the street from my neighborhood. I’m back on Franklin closer to the Skatepark.

    The last one was a challenge. I’m glad to see a picture from somewhere other than places we all seem to know. I should have gotten that one – my friend Michael lives right there. That is just past the railroad crossing I guess.

  4. That foto is taken from the corner of E. Washington and Webster in Butchertown. I used to live in the red brick home at 1405 E. Washington. Amazing little house from the 1880s with exposed brick walls on the interior and a cute back yard in a great neighborhood. Hopefully there won't be a new bridge downtown that would impact this special neighborhood. That would be a huge shame.