A sidewalk in Louisville. (Branden Klayko)
A sidewalk in Louisville. (Branden Klayko)
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A sidewalk in Louisville. (Branden Klayko)
A sidewalk in Louisville. (Branden Klayko)

Congratulations to Joshua Poe and David for correctly identifying our last sidewalk photo as Wiltshire Avenue looking toward Wilmington Avenue just north of Willis Avenue in the St. Matthews neighborhood. Here’s a new sidewalk ready to be identified in the comments.

Local News

  • Louisville & Lexington point way to greater inter-regional cooperation. (Urbanophile)
  • A postmodern gem, reconsidered: Graves’ Humana Building a skyline fixture. (Blair Kamin)
  • Shakespeare Festival looking at Theater Square for new theater space. (Insider, WFPL)
  • Forget running, Lucky Horseshoe residents park for the roses. (The Paper)
  • Root Cellar in Old Louisville is a finalist for national honor. (Metro Lou)
  • Grilled Cheese restaurant planned for Bardstown Road. (Megabites)
  • Ohio River tops nation in polluted discharges. (C-J)
  • Malfunction at MSD sends 2.5 million gallons of sewage into the Ohio River. (WFPLFatlip)
  • The Fallout: New report looks at lingering consequences of foreclosure. (LEO)
  • Derby clock might not be installed downtown in time for this year’s Derby. (C-J)
  • Roofless historic New Albany building finally getting a new roof. (N&T)
  • Travel writer gushes on Louisville’s park system. (Active Travels)
  • A chair by the Speed Museum architect Kulapat Yantrasast. (Twitter)
  • Decca is an icon in the making. (HotBytes)
  • Thinker statue secrets revealed. (WFPL)
  • Zoes Kitchen planning location in St. Matthews. (Biz First)
  • Massive “resort style” sprawl complex planned for Middletown. (C-J)
  • City says Occupy Louisville must give up its camp. (WFPLC-J)
  • Louisville shows modest growth in past year. (Biz First)
Local Events
  • New2Lou website launch party at Butchertown Market on April 11. (New2Lou)
  • UL to host “Public Art and the City” event on April 13. (UL Today)
  • 15k Farmers Beginning Food Growing Workshop set for April 14. (KYgreenTV)
  • Public meeting on the Louisville Loop trail planned for April 16. (Metro Lou)
  • Marcus Lindsay open house at The Church on Main Street April 19. (Facebook)
Local Transportation
  • Southern Indiana pedestrian critically hit by drunk driver. (N&T, WAVE, C-J, WDRB)
  • Louisville man tried to flee after he struck pedestrian with car. (WDRB)
  • Hoosiers to pay 80% of local tolls for Ohio River Bridges Project. (Urbanophile)
  • Five teams competing for bridges project. (Biz First, WFPL)
  • Slideshow of demolition of $380,000 houses in path of East End Bridge. (WHAS)
  • Bike thief: “People steal bikes all the time!” (WDRB)
  • TARC announces winners of its kids’ Design-a-Bus competition. (Metro Lou, Flickr)
More Transportation
  • Oregon DOT nixes “highway division” for “multi-modal” system. (StreetsBlog)
  • If 1/3 of the U.S. biked a mile a day, we could save $17 billion. (Biz Insider)
  • Boom in biking benefits everyone, not just cyclists. (Shareable)
  • Parking minimums create too many parking spots. (Atlantic Cities)
  • Empty spaces: Can parking lots be great? (Tom Vanderbilt)
Other News
  • Census finds record low growth in outlying suburbs. (AP)
  • Interactive map: America’s romance with sprawl may be over. (USA Today)
  • The era of big box retail dominance is coming to an end. (Bloomberg)
  • Researchers: Walmart depresses rural wages. (Rural Blog)
  • Prohibition still exists, mainly in the rural south. (Rural Blog, BBC)
  • Researchers: U.S. obesity problem worse than previously thought. (BBC)
  • Report: Banks fail to maintain foreclosed homes in minority neighborhoods. (HuffPo)
  • A new, better way to look at housing price trends with Trulia. (Matrix)
  • How to figure the value of empty building lots. (Zillow)
  • A Yelp to let us compare cities and towns. (Ed Glaeser)
  • Green infrastructure goes large in New York. (Dirt)
  • The brilliant economics of green buildings. (Forbes)
  • The Midwest’s big economic miscalculation. (Atlantic Cities)
  • Cincy mayor heralded as national leader in smart growth. (Urban Cincy)
  • New Urbanism: Old-fashioned design for the long run. (Blair Kamin)
  • Science for designers: The meaning of complexity. (Metropolis POV)
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